Can an Epilepsy Drug Be the Answer to Preventing Alzheimer’s Dementia?

Doctor shows the patient how to use daily dose pills

An exciting research study has concluded at Johns Hopkins University and the results could be great news for the millions of patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s dementia. Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that affects more than 50 million people in the world. A new drug, antiepileptic levetiracetam, has proved to be successful in reducing […]

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Dr. Mullan’s Alzheimer Research Identified Various Genetic Variations

Based in Sarasota, Florida, The Roskamp Institute is a not-for-profit organization. It has dedicated time to finding cures for several neuropsychiatric disorders with a special emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In order to develop therapeutic targets which are specific to Alzheimer’s disease etiology, the scientists engaged in current research at Roskamp Institute focus on dissecting […]

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Volunteers for early detection of cognitive decline in older adults

Dr. Cheryl Luis of the Roskamp Institute was awarded a New Investigator Research Grant from the Alzheimer’s Association in 2009.  She is studying the potential usefulness of a blood test in combination with a paper and pencil memory test for early detection of cognitive decline in older adults.  Additional research volunteers are needed.  If you […]

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